College of Saint Anthony

The College of Saint Anthony (CSA) is located in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan and started its operations in 2008.  It offers preschool, grade school, high school, and senior high school programs (STEM, ABM, HUMSS, and GAS). While much younger than its SSA counterpart, it has and continues to make a mark within its immediate vicinity.

It boasts of facilities at par with the best schools in the country and an indoor sports complex complete with a swimming pool, gym, basketball court, badminton court, volleyball court, table tennis room, and dance room.


Poised at putting up its tertiary program in the near future, CSA is rapidly following the footsteps of its sister institute.

CSA fully recognizes its uniquely talented students by providing them with student-centered, engaging, and values-based learning opportunities.Through constant exposure to both in-campus and off-campus activities, students are able to gain confidence, optimism, compassion, and humility whilst developing skills that will help them find their place in the world. Here, they are encouraged to challenge themselves beyond their expected level of performance, increasing their experiences of success in a variety of learning areas. 

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