The School of Saint Anthony zealously continues the teachings imparted by Saint Anthony Mary Claret. As an important institution in the community, the school devotes itself to the service of others. Through education it inculcates in the students' hearts and minds the tenets of Christian Living and morality. Hence, the motto "Wisdom coupled with Virtues" - Sapientia et Virtus. To represent the virtues adhered to by the institution, the School of Saint Anthony's logo carries five main symbols: oil lamp, dove, book, light rays, and laurel leaves. 

  • The oil lamp represents excellence within the heart of each Anthonian.
  • The dove signifies the desire to nurture a peacful, harmonious, and unified relationship between and among school community members - administrators, school employees, students, and parents.
  • The book symbolizes the knowledge,wisdom, and dedication present in all Anthonians. It also stands for lifelong learning, a desire to continuously discover and adapt to this ever-changing and highly competitive world.
  • The light rays emanating from the oil lamp represent the erudite young Anthonians who will become servant leaders of the community.
  • Lastly, the laurel leaves represent the achievements and glory that every young and intelligent Anthonian has gained and will continuously reap in the future.
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